Become a supplier

Become a Supplier

Expand your business by joining our partners.

We are at your disposal to evaluate your company's application.

When you sell on E MALL 24, your items are visible to millions of potential buyers around the world. Selling on E MALL 24 is simple, safe and generally free. Receive a 20% fee of free listings and pay rates only when your item is purchased, if you add optional selling options like PRO and if you sponsor your listings on E MALL 24 there are additional costs.

Final Value Fees

We charge you a Final Value Fee when your item is sold and you won't have to worry about the costs associated with third party payment processing. This rate is calculated as a percentage of the total sale. The Variable Final Value Fee is 5% of the total sale amount up to EUR 2,000 and 2% of the share of the total sale amount exceeding the EUR 2,000 threshold.

On E MALL 24 you have several delivery and shipping options available, from the international shipping method with shipping code to picking up an item in person at a collection point in your area.

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